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Vol. 5, No. 3

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Spring 2001, Vol. 4, No. 1
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Cover Story:
Faith-Based Ambivalence
The media elite turns out to be fairly open to the President’s advocacy of faith-based social services.
by Dennis R. Hoover

Ten Issues
to Keep an Eye On



From the Editor: Sacred is as Sacred Does
The religious dimensions of the Middle East crisis rise into view.
by Mark Silk

Palestinians and Israelis: Rites of Return
The Arab media’s new emphasis on the Palestinians’ "sacred right of return" to Israel bridges an internal religious division.
by Rachel Stroumsa

Palestinians and Israelis: Oh, Jerusalem!
Anxieties about losing control of the Temple Mount pervade Israeli discussion of the "Al-Aqsa Intifada" and the dimmed prospects for peace.
by Yoel Cohen

What Would Moses Do?: Debt Relief in the Jubilee Year
American journalists give short shrift to the multi-religious international debt relief campaign, despite its impressive political victories here.
by Dennis R. Hoover

Hide, Jesse, Hide
Jesse Jackson’s out-of-wedlock fatherhood damages his moral credibility.
by William K. Piotrowski

Faith in Justice: The Ashcroft Fight
Was it kosher to ask the nominee for attorney general about his religion?
by Mark Silk

Aum Alone
With support from government and much of the media, many Japanese are shunning members of Aum Shinrikyo and banning their children from schools.
by Ben Dorman

Left Behind at the Box Office
A film touted as a breakthrough for Christian filmmaking turns into a box office turkey.
by Thomas Hambrick-Stowe

The Voucher Circus
Despite devastating defeats at the ballot box last November, the show goes on for the educational voucher movement.
Andrew Walsh

Puffing Exorcism
Is the widely reported rise in exorcisms fact or hype?
by J. Ashe Reardon


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