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Contents: Summer 2000, Vol. 3, No. 2
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Cover Story:
Two Cheers for the Pilgrimage
Pope John Paul’s pilgrimage to the Holy Land was covered as a triumphant highlight of the pope’s dazzling career, even though it met a cool reception from two groups the pontiff wished to embrace: Muslims and Eastern Orthodox Christians.
by Andrew Walsh

From the Editor: Disestablishing Football
The Supreme Court’s latest Establishment Clause decision keeps an ancient debate alive.
by Mark Silk

What Really Happened in Uganda?
Coverage of the horrendous end of the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God was a welter of confusing, partial, and conflicting information. But it’s quite possible that the deaths of hundreds of "cultists" were neither cult suicide nor cult murder.
by Irving Hexham

Go Down, Elian
Elian Gonzalez was a political cause for many Cuban-Americans, but he also became a religious figure with strong messianic qualities.
by Thomas Hambrick-Stowe

A Religious Right Arrives in Canada
The dramatic rise of evangelical Protestant politicians on the conservative side of Canadian politics has been a bitter pill for Canadian journalists to swallow.
by Dennis R. Hoover

Feeble Opinions About the House Chaplaincy
Editorial writers joined half-heartedly in the wrangling over whom should be appointed as chaplain to the U.S. House of Representatives. But, by and large, they maintained a long tradition of discreet silence rather than vigorous argumentation when the subject is religion.
by Michael McGough

A Cardinal in Full
The New York media covered the death and burial of Cardinal John O’Connor with a full measure of celebrity hype and, along the way, may have exaggerated O’Connor’s actual stature.
by Ashe Reardon

Mormon Women in the Real World
Two Latter-day Saints sue their universities.
by Jan Shipps

Peanuts for Christ
In the wake of Charles Schulz’s death, American journalists dissected every aspect of the Peanuts legacy, with the notable exception of its strong religious content.
by Dennis R. Hoover


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