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Fall 1998, Vol. 1, No. 2
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Cover Story:
Race and Disgrace

Has skittishness about race discouraged journalists from covering the major scandal in the nation's largest African-American denomination?
by Jerry Watts

From the Editor: A New Establishment?
What journalists are missing by ignoring issues of church and state.
by Mark Silk

Submission in Salt Lake
When civility broke out between Baptists and Mormons, journalists turned their gaze toward the Baptist social agenda.
by Jan Shipps

Church, Lies, and Polling Data
Americans may be lying to poll-takers about how often they attend worship, but many journalists and social scientists are wedded to the old pieties
by Andrew Walsh

Catholic Controversy I: Jesus Off Broadway
Counter-charges of blasphemy and censorship rend the air, but the cultural conflict over Corpus Christi is a pale shadow of the past.
by Anthony Burke Smith

Catholic Controversy II: Handling Pedophilia
Pedophilia charges took down a sitting Catholic bishop in Florida, but the story attracted little attention outside the state.  Is the pedophilia crisis yesterday's news?
by Mark Silk

Catholic Controversy III: Philadelphia Story
Did the Philadelphia Inquirer buckle under relentless pressure from the Catholic Archdiocese?
by Andrew Walsh

On the Beat:  "Irreligion" in Denmark
A famously secular people's renewed embrace of its Lutheran identity
by Tim Jensen

The Oklahoman's Bible Belt
A newspaper experiments with on-line Bible study
by Joshua Bernard Coffin


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