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Summer 1998, Vol. 1, No. 1
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Cover Story:
Promise Keepers and Culture Wars

Faith, not the politics journalists anticipated,
drove the rise of the Promise Keepers.

by David G. Hackett




Religion and the Post-Welfare State: An Untold Story
The little reported but dramatic expansion of faith-based social services has enormous implications for both religious organizations and public policy.
by Peter Dobkin Hall

Missing the Boat on Charitable Choice
An analysis of coverage of the "Charitable Choice" provision of the new welfare reform law.
by David Weiner

The McCaughey Babies: Covering Miracles
Handling faith claims with kid gloves.
by Andrew Walsh

Islam in Virginia: More Tolerant Than Thou
Fears of religious intolerance during the recent crisis with Iraq turned a zoning dispute over a proposed Islamic school in a Northern Virginia suburb into a major news event.
by Christian Jacobson

Whose Man in Havana? John Paul's Visit to Cuba
Journalists expected the encounter between the pontiff and Fidel Castro to be the last battle of the Cold War. Did they get it right?
by Anthony Burke Smith

The Patriarch's Visit: Pouring Oil on Troubled Waters
The recent visit to the United States by the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I drew some journalists to the more complex story of a major upheaval in the Greek Orthodox Church in America.
By Andrew Walsh

Religion in a Cold Climate
A CBC journalist reports on covering religion from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, where reporters compete with the "Moccasin Telegraph" to cover an area four times the size of Texas.
by Dave Miller

Where Preachers Fear to Tread: The Clinton Scandal
Pundits moralized on the Lewinsky affair, but few followed their condemnations.
by Mark Silk


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