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Spring 2000, Vol. 3, No. 1

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Cover Story:
Charitable Choice and the New Religious Center
The once obscure "charitable choice" provision of the 1996 federal welfare reform legislation is reshaping religious politics in America.
by Dennis R. Hoover

From the Editor: Wars of Religion
The journalistic common wisdom is that the world’s "ethnic" conflicts have nothing to do with religion. But journalists may not be looking closely enough.
by Mark Silk

Religious Ironies in East Timor
Last fall’s reign of terror in East Timor was not an example of Muslim repression of a Christian minority-as the world press correctly reported. But religion nevertheless played an important role and overlooked part in the story.
by Robert W. Hefner

Jesus, Political Philosopher
George W. Bush’s memorable citation of Jesus as his favorite philosopher sets liberal journalists to thinking: What Would Jesus Do?
by Thomas Hambrick-Stowe

Faithless in Seattle? The WTO Protests
Coverage of the mass protests at the World Trade Organization meeting last fall in Seattle gave ample space to the anarchist and eco-carnival strains of protest, but may have missed a significant "Northwest" religious element.
by Patricia O’Connell Killen

What’s in a Name? The EgyptAir 990 Crash
Widespread media speculation that a Muslim pilot’s brief prayer to Allah signaled intent to commit suicide stirred up deep resentment over American press stereotypes of Islam.
by William K. Piotrowski

Waiting for the Shoe To Drop
After almost a decade of squirming, the nation’s Catholic bishops approved a policy document required by the Vatican that moves to tighten church control over Catholic higher education in general, and Catholic theologians in particular.
by Andrew Walsh

The NCC’s Near-Death Experience
The National Council of Churches approached its 50th anniversary convention facing deep debt and radical reconstitution. But it may yet live to fight another day.
by Andrew Walsh

On the Beat: Condoms and Constitutions in Kenya
As conflict rises between the government and religious organizations pressing for reform, covering religion isn’t a cushy assignment in Kenya.
by Mark Fackler

Letters to the Editor


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