Spring 2000, Vol. 3, No. 1

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Vol. 3, No. 1


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From the Editor: Wars of Religion

Charitable Choice and the New Religious Center

Religious Ironies in East Timor

Jesus, Political Philosopher

Faithless in Seattle? The WTO Protests

What's in a Name? The EgyptAir 990 Crash

Waiting for the Shoe to Drop

The NCC's Near-Death Experience

On the Beat: Condoms and Constitutions in Kenya

Letters to the Editor


Mark Fackler is professor of communication at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Robert Hefner is professor of anthropology and associate director for the Institute for the Study of Economic Culture at Boston University and the author of many books on Indonesia and Islam in Southeast Asia. He is now at work on a book entitled:
Civil Islam: Democratization and Religious Reformation in Indonesia.

Patricia O’Connell Killen is professor of American religious history at Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Washington.