Winter 2009, Vol. 11, No. 3

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From the Editor:
How to Pray

The Mormon Proposition

No Saints Need Apply

Picturing Palin's Faith

Bishops at Bay

Downplaying Religion
in Mumbai

What is Lashkar?

The Beat Goes On

Riverside's Black-White Divide

Scandalous Days
in the OCA


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Contributors to this Issue

Doe Daughtrey is a Ph.D. candidate in religious studies at Arizona State University working on Mormonism and the New Spirituality in women with LDS backgrounds.

John C. Green is the director of the Roy C. Bliss Institute of Politics at the University of Akron, and author of The Faith Factor: How Religion Influences American Elections (2008), the first volume in the Greenberg Center’s series Religion, Politics and Public Life with Praeger Publications.

Patricia O’Connell Killen is professor of American religion at Pacific Lutheran University, where she directs the Center for the Study of Religion, Cultures and Society in the Western United States.

Melissa Proctor is an ad hoc fellow at Harvard University’s Center for the Study of World Religions and visiting faculty at the College of the Holy Cross.

Homayra Ziad teaches Islamic studies in the religion department at Trinity College.