Christopher Hoag

George M. Ferris Professor of Corporation Finance and Investments
Department of Economics
Trinity College
Research Areas: Economic History, Financial Economics

Working Papers

Bank Executive Experience with Clearinghouse Loan Certificates
August, 2019.    Revised: August, 2020.    Abstract (PDF)
Trinity College Working Paper 19-03

Bank Executive Experience in a Financial Crisis
June, 2019.    Revised: July, 2020.    Abstract (PDF)
Trinity College Working Paper 19-02

Trust Companies as a Lender of Last Resort
June, 2015.    Revised: June, 2015.    Abstract (PDF)


Liquidity and Borrowing from a Lender of Last Resort during the Crisis of 1884     Abstract (PDF)
2023. International Journal of Finance and Banking Studies 12(4): 1-13.

Including the Instruments in the Regression is the Hausman Test     Abstract (PDF)
(with Mark Stater)
2023. Annals of Economics and Statistics 152: 43-64.

Clearinghouse Loan Certificates as a Lender of Last Resort     Abstract (PDF)
2018. North American Journal of Economics and Finance 45: 215-29.

Clearinghouse Loan Certificates as Interbank Loans in the United States, 1860-1913     Abstract (PDF)
2016. Financial History Review 28(3): 303-24.

Nonprofit Firms in a Linear City with Nonnegative Profits     Abstract (PDF)
(with Kamal Lamsal)
2016. Journal of Economics (MVEA) 42(2): 61-72.

The Effects of Executive, Firm, and Board Characteristics on Executive Exit     Abstract (PDF)
(with John Becker-Blease, Susan Elkinawy, and Mark Stater)
2016. Financial Review 51(4): 527-57.

National Bank Window Dressing and the Call Loan Market, 1865-72     Abstract (PDF)
2016. Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 60: 94-102.

National Bank Window Dressing, 1866-1871     Abstract (PDF)
2015. Accounting History Review 25(1): 27-41.

Transatlantic Capital Market Price Discovery during a Financial Crisis     Abstract (PDF)
(with Stephen Norman)
2013. Bulletin of Economic Research 65(1): 1-9.

Clearinghouse Loan Certificates during the Panic of 1893     Abstract (PDF)
2012. Academy of Banking Studies Journal 11(2): 93-105.

Aldrich-Vreeland Emergency Currency as a Lender of Last Resort     Abstract (PDF)
2012. Journal of Economics (MVEA) 38(1): 73-88.

Clearinghouse Membership and Deposit Contraction during the Panic of 1893     Abstract (PDF)
2011. Cliometrica 5(2): 187-203.

The Atlantic Telegraph Cable and Capital Market Information Flows     Abstract (PDF)     Working Paper
2006. Journal of Economic History 66(2): 342-53.

Deposit Drains on "Interest-Paying" Banks before Financial Crises     Abstract (PDF)
2005. Explorations in Economic History 42(4): 567-85.